Don’t Forget to Smile at a Crocodile!

Kids will be smiling at crocs, snakes, lizards and goannas at the Samford Show this year, as Gary Sippel and his team of reptiles from Dreamtime Reptiles join the Samford Show on the 10th and 11th July.

Dreamtile Reptiles owner Gary Sippel will be one of the main FREE attractions at the Samford Show showcasing the very best of Australian reptiles and teaching kids about our native animals, environment, wildlife and safety. Oh, and allowing kids to handle, touch, pet and well run if they wish!

Gary started his business Dreamtime Reptiles in 2007 with the aim of educating the public about reptiles, ” it’s really just understanding their importance to the environment, once you get around that point they really grow on you in a way, they’re quite fascinating”.

Gary and his team of reptiles will be at the Samford Show and hosting fun and educational lessons with kids over the two days of the Samford Show.

Samford Showgoer, Tom Peacock, 15, said he loved seeing the snake displays so much he convinced his parents to let him buy a python as a pet. “Her name is Stella and she is so friendly. During winter we hardly see her at all as she rests a lot of the time. But during the hotter months she feeds on mice and likes to be handled and play. Not everyone will pet her but everyone is interested in what she does”.

Our Top 8 Cool Snake Facts:

1. In Australia we have around 140 species of land snake and around 32 species of sea snake. Australia is home to the most diverse range of reptiles anywhere in the world.

2. Snakes, like all reptiles are ECTOTHERMS. They rely on external sources (like the sun) to give them energy. Without warmth snakes do not have enough energy to digest their food or move around.

3. Snakes do not have good eyesight. They respond to movement, which scares them. Most snake species do not see in colour. If you stand completely still in-front of a snake it cant tell the difference between you and a tree or a rock.

4. Snakes are NOT aggressive. They are shy secretive animals. They will defend their lives if/when needed. Snakes DO like to be left alone.

5. Snakes have no external ears. They do have an inner ear (like humans), which helps with balance. You can shout/scream as loud while walking in the bush but it simply won’t scare a snake away.

6. Pythons can make an excellent and interesting pet. They require little daily maintenance or cost and can live in captivity for up to 25/30 + years

7. Snakes do not hibernate but enter a state of reduced metabolic rate called BRUMATION during cooler weather periods.

8. Snakes have a very acute sense of smell and taste – they use their forked tongue to pick up scents. Just like you use your nose.


The best snake jokes from the Samford Show volunteers:

1. Which snake is good at playing a musical instrument? The Rattle Snake.

2. How did the snake manage to tun away from prison? By scaling the walls of the jail.

3. Which snakes are the best in mathematics? Adders.


Samford Pet Parade: Don’t forget that whilst at the show kids are encouraged to bring their favourite pet along for the Samford Pet Parade competition on Saturday 10th July at 1.45pm at the Committee House stage (straight after the Great Samford Dog Jump and the Miniature Dog Jump):

Prizes are given for: Best costume, best trick, best animal joke, owner and pet look alike competition and cutest pet.

Gate Admission Prices

Our ticketing system enables entry to the Showgrounds at any time on either or both Saturday and Sunday, subject to competing your COVID pass on each day.

One Day Two Days
Family (2 Adults & 3 Children) $45 $65
Adult $20 $35
Concession $15 $25
Children (5 – 17) $10 $15
Children (Under 5) Free Free

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