Exhibitors & Stall Holders Information

Applications for the 2024 Samford Show have now closed for food truck operators as these requirements have been fulfilled. However, we still welcome applications from other stallholders/exhibitors, although spaces are limited. We would encourage you to at least make an enquiry/expression of interest or complete and send the Application Form and Terms and Conditions to samfordshowstalls@gmail.com.

The Samford Show is renowned for providing fun and value for money for all the family. The Show continues to grow and attracts up to 15,000 visitors over the weekend, although our site in the beautiful Samford Valley is so large there is ample room for everyone to browse among the sites and exhibits without feeling crowded. Exhibitors are encouraged to stay open after dark for the fireworks on Saturday while there is still a large crowd.

As applications arrive they are considered for quality and consistency with our aim to have a child-safe, family-friendly and sustainable Show. We hope to have a wide variety of stalls without over-duplication. This will help you to have a prosperous year.

We’re all living in a Covid era.  Please be prepared to practice and encourage distancing, regular hand washing and sanitiser regulations required by Queensland Health.   We’ll be doing all we can to ensure the Show seamlessly and without undue impositions fulfil all the requirements that apply at the time of the Show.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions so we can all enjoy our Show. We cannot accept any application that does not have the requisite documents attached. Prices for stall sites and the types of sites available can be found on the Application Form.

Should you have any other queries, please email the Stall Convenor at samfordshowstalls@gmail.com.