Rewired is a project that is helping to re-fence the flooded North by supplying donated fencing material and delivering it directly to the properties/families in need.

How you can get involved

  • Purchase wire and posts directly from Gleam O’ Dawn (high tensile 2 or 2.5mm barbed wre or 6-foot black star pickets) or
  • Donate money to the Samford Show Society’s bank account:

BSB:   633 000

Acc No.:   138 757 133

Reference: Rewired

Samford Show Society volunteers will purchase the items on your behalf.


100% of money donated will go into purchasing fencing supplies. Loaded trucks will leave regularly for the North to deliver the materials to designated properties. Everyone involved with this project are donating their time and equipment to see that much needed fencing materials are delivered to the families/properties in need. Volunteers are even assisting to help with the installation of the fencing.

To be eligible to receive this support, families must have suffered the loss of their entire herd and boundary fencing as well as have no other source of income or means by which they can re-stock their property. Once the property boundary is re-fenced, these families will be able to take stock from the drought affected properties on a paid agistment basis which will help get them back on their feet and help families that are still in drought.

For more info, e-mail or visit the REWIRED Facebook page.